Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Glenn Gould Drawing video

Note the line running across Gould's neck.
It's a flaw on the paper, but proves to be the nice addition in the picture.
The following is the making(WIP) video.

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  1. Ah-hh, I'm disappointed! The video doesn't 'play'... it just says: "This video is private." I was really wanting to watch this too! Yuka Zuver is my favorite artist (and favorite person) she is so talented and draws GG better than anyone else ever could! She is very modest and humble too, always just glad to share her marvelous gift so unselfishly with us fellow *Gouldians*! We are very lucky to know of her and to be the recipients of her generous willingness to share herself and her wonderful art with us! I adore her, and consider her a "Soulmate" when it comes to *GG* (I just wish I could draw him as well as she does)! :-) I am definitely her 'biggest fan'!